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NOTE: Admongo.gov new site link www.consumer.ftc.gov/admongo

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sites for kids that teaches kids to be smarter consumers. Download educational consumer activity worksheets, lesson plans, and take-home handouts. Parents & Teachers can find resource fact sheets for all the lessons to teach children about the marketplace and FTC’s role in it.

Competition? Mergers? Supply and Demand?

Teach kids practical lessons about money and business in a fun and familiar setting.

In the virtual mall, you can play games, design ads, chat with customers and store owners, and much more. You’ll learn key consumer concepts, such as how advertising affects you, how you benefit when businesses compete, how (and why) to protect your information, and how to spot scams. What better place to do it than at the mall!

Each area of the mall focuses on a different topic. To enter, choose an area. In the mall, scroll over a store to find out more about it, then click to go inside. You can also use the Mall Map or the options at the bottom of the screen to navigate. Learn all about advertising and how it affects you as a consumer.

The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Kids' Site, "You Are Here"

  • Visit the West Terrace to learn about advertising techniques, target marketing, suspicious claims, and more.
  • Visit the Food Court to learn about business competition, supply and demand, the history of the FTC, and mergers and monopolies.
  • Visit the Security Plaza to learn about protecting your privacy (online and off) and protect the citizens of Earth against identity-stealing invaders.
  • Visit the East Terrace to learn about bogus modeling offers, “free” vacations, “miracle” products, and tip-offs to rip-offs.

Know an Ad When You See One? Play Admongo!

Video: Find out why the Admongo program matters and learn about free resources.

mp4Admongo Video Introduction for Teachers Federal Trade Commission
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Advertising is everywhere — online, on billboards, television…any place where we get information. Knowing how to identify advertising and understand its messages helps young people become more informed, discerning consumers. Admongo teaches lessons in a fun, interactive video game that features teaching tools for educators and parents.


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