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Enjoy free activities to download for Smokey's birthday celebration.  Smokey Bear is recognized nationally and internationally as the symbol for wildfire prevention. The original Smokey Bear appeared in 1944. Smokey’s message, “Only You Can Prevent Wildfires!” encourages personal responsibility for wildfire prevention. Smokey Bear teaches children and adults to be careful with campfires, barbecues, trash fires, and matches.

Fire Basics for Kids

We have a birthday collection of Smokey Bear and Friends activities and videos free to view, share, and download celebrating seventy-five years preventing wildfires. Be sure to comeback and browse other sections for fire safety at home and school.

Smokey Bear Facts and Stats

His message of wildfire prevention is the center of the longest-running PSA campaign in our nation's history.

Smokey Facts

Wildfire Facts

 Smokey Bear is at the heart of the longest-running public service campaign in American history.
 In 1952, Congress passed the Smokey Bear Act to preserve his legacy.
 The U.S. Postal Service gave him his own postage stamp in 1984.
 His messages have received more than $1.6 billion of donated media support.
 His historic campaign has been inducted into the Advertising Walk of Fame for being “America’s Favorite Advertising Icon.”
 He’s been to outer space.
 Smokey Bear is the only “person” to have their own zip code, besides the president.
 Smokey is a pop culture icon – he has merchandise and toys, he’s been featured on multiple TV gameshows, his signature phrase “Only you can prevent wildfires” is part of the American lexicon, his style has inspired the likes of Pharrell, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
 For a 75-year-old bear, Smokey is super tech savvy. He has hundreds of thousands of followers on his social media channels and he’s even had special photo filters and frames on Snapchat.

 The principle causes of human-related wildfires are campfires left unattended, debris burning on windy days, hot ashes and BBQ coals, and operating equipment that throws sparks.
 Nearly 9 out of 10 wildfires nationwide are caused by humans.
 It’s always wildfire season somewhere in the U.S. and every region of the U.S. has wildfires.
 There are prescribed fires that play a necessary role in some ecosystems – these are planned and executed by professionals. Smokey’s unique and important role, however, is singularly focused on preventing unwanted, human-caused wildfire by educating the public and encouraging them to be responsible.
 85% of outdoor recreationists agree that they can make a difference in preventing wildfires.
 75% of young adult outdoor recreationists who are familiar with Smokey Bear think of him as a role model for children.

fuel heat oxygen

Wildland Fire: What Is Fire

Where and how quickly a fire moves depends on the terrain, weather, and types of fuel. The diversity of plants and animals in many national parks can depend upon fire. What may look at first like devastation soon becomes a panorama of new life.

The Fire triangle Oxygen, Fuel, and Heat Educational Activities

Fire is the combination of heat, fuel, oxygen, and an ignition source—known as the fire triangle. Natural fuels include grasses, needles, leaves, brush, and trees. Natural ignition sources include lightning and lava. Fire management staff sometimes start fires to improve habitat or restore natural systems. However, sometimes people also start unwanted wildland fires through carelessness or arson.

Oxygen, Fuel, and Heat

These three elements make up the fire triangle. Remove any one of them and the fire will not burn. Heat first comes from the ignition source that in nature is lightning or lava. Fuel is any material that will burn. Some fuels are more likely to burn than others. For instance, dead trees, leaves, needles and grasses have far less water in them than living ones. Dead plants usually burn sooner and hotter than live ones. If you have ever built a campfire you know this. At least 16 percent oxygen must be in the air for a fire to start. The air we breathe has 21 percent oxygen, more than enough to allow a fire to burn.

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There are National Parks that have a junior firefighter program. If you go to a national park, ask if they have a junior firefighter program in which you could participate. National Park Service - fire basics for kids

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